Hatsudai : Precious eels at Akagaki (赤垣)

Eels, Akagaki (Hatsudai) Tokyo

Long-established eels restaurant could be reserved for lunch in advance.

I wonder when I ate eels box (Unajyu) last time… Well, about one year passed 🙁
I went to Hatsudai (close to Shinjuku) to meet my friend the other day. AND, I ate eels at Hatsudai 😉

This narrow restaurant that is named Akagaki is popular eels restaurant near Hatsudai Station. I had wanted to go there.
It have Showa period atmosphere a lot. It is an old restaurant. Though it is very close to the station, it doesn’t stand out and I passed by the restaurant at first.

Appearance, Akagaki (Hatsudai)


It was already full in the restaurant, so I didn’t take the picture of the inside, but also it is sullen, too 🙂
They seems not to care about the seasonings…

Seasonings, Akagaki (Hatsudai)


I heard that the restaurant cook our eels in advance if we reserve, so we reserved in advance and visited there.
After 10 minutes since we arrived at the restaurant, our eels came 🙂

Well, prices of eels is current price everywhere and it is easy to change nowadays. That day’s price was

Eels box (Unajyu)  –  four degrees of amount
Matsu (松) 1650 yen
Take (竹) 2000 yen
Ume (梅) 2400 yen
Toku (特) 2900 yen
(plus consumption tax)

Every degrees have same quality of eels.

I choiced a ”Ume”

Eels box - Ume, Akagaki (Hatsudai)


This pickled vegetables were delicious.

Pickled vegetables, Akagaki (Hatsudai)


Its meat was so soft, but the outside was crisp and had good burnt smell.

Eels, Akagaki (Hatsudai)


I want to eat one eels box per a month… and those pictures made me feel like eating eels again soon 😛

About Akagaki (赤垣)

Address / 1-38-11 Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Station / Hatsudai station (Keio)
Open / 11:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 20:00
Closed / Thursdays



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