Moved – [Tsukiji Market] Nutritious breakfast at Yonehana (築地 米花)

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What I do at first after waking up is, of course, to see Twitter to know Today’s chef’s choice at Yonehana (米花). I found Today’s chef’s choice at Yonehana was nakaochi, so I went straight to there. I love Yonehana’s nakaochi. nakaochi is left-over flesh on the spine of fish. Mostly it’s tuna. Also I thought nakaochi is already nowhere when I get to there.

Actually, nakaochi was nowhere. chutoro welcomed me instead. Chutoro is fatty part of tuna.

Yes. Chutoro is more expensive than lean meat and nakaochi, and many people like it, of course, me too. But I love nakaochi. I was disappointed a bit because I have never met nakaochi at Yonehana. Of course, chutoro is good, too 🙂

I put some slices of tuna into soy sauce for a while as usual. I kept putting them longer, but there’s no problem. It won’t be salty. Yonehana’s sashimi is so fatty and very thick. So, it takes much time for soy sauce to soak into the meat.

Vinegared cucumber, wakame seaweed.

Boiled chicken ball and dried shredded daikon radish. Nutritious breakfast as usual. Though I don’t like shredded daikon radish, I always eat it up because it is so healthy. Of course, I eat it with much spicy miso on the table. (Not healthy ? :p)

And I found miso soup wasn’t served, and I knew that day’s miso soup have hard clams, so I said to the waiter, “Miso soup please !”

Sashimi bowl is the most popular bowl at Yonehana as usual. I want to eat sashimi bowl after a long interval.


Name Yonehana (米花)
Open Morning through noon
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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