Italy 2015 (7/14) : Sightseeing and lunch at Venice

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What I was really looking forward to enjoying !

What I was looking forward to enjoying best at Venice was not seeing San Marco,

San Marco, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


Not seeing another great architectures,

Appearance, Societas MDCCXCII, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


Though it was great carving…

Close, Societas MDCCXCII, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


Not seeing such a beautiful canal,

Canal2, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


Not getting on a gondola,

Canal1, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


Not seeing such a cute town,

Town, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


What ?

What, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


I learned it is doorbells . Funny. It looks like face 🙂

Well, it is the one that I had wanted to eat so much at Venice.
Spaghetti with squid ink. Specialty of Venice !

Spaghetti with squid ink, Piccolo Martini, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


Truthfully speaking, I wanted to go another restaurant, but the restaurant was open from 12. But I felt so hungry 30 minutes before the opening time.

So, I decided to enter this restaurant that have also bar next to the restaurant.

Piccolo Martini

Appearance, Piccolo Martini, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


Because it was still 11:30, the bar was packed. But the restaurant was still vacant 😛

Interior, Piccolo Martini, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


I could enjoy spaghetti in a calm restaurant.

Table, Piccolo Martini, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


Umm. But I should have wait the opening time of my target restaurant. But, well. that is to say, I should go Italy again.

Sestiere San Marco, 1501, 30124 Venice, Italy


  1. renxkyoko says:

    Oh, memories ! I also had dinner at Piccolo Martini.

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