[Tokyo] yoshiki (鴨出汁中華蕎麦 麺屋yoshiki) in Shin-Koiwa

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I visited yoshiki (鴨出汁中華蕎麦 麺屋yoshiki) in Shin-Koiwa area. I heard they serve duck ramen. I know there was Tsukemen Itto there, and the man who worked there is a manager of yoshiki. When we got to there one hour before the opening time, there were already so many people gathering.

This is a menu. They might change their menu now because they noticed on Twitter.

I ordered Special Kamo-paitan aetsukesoba. They only serve 10 bowls of it each at lunch and dinner time. What is aetsukesoba ? The answer is this. Aesoba and tsukesoba (tsukemen). Aesoba is noodles without soup. Soup is serarated to eat the noodle as tsukemen, but the aesoba is seasoned and already complete. So, I thought it don’t need soup before eating.

Special Kamo-paitan aetsukesoba (特製鴨白湯和えつけそば) 1300 yen

Aesoba. It have much duck meat. And laver, boiled egg, green onion, lemon and green vegetables.

The noodles were thick. And it went with thick sauce. I mixed the noodles and sauce well. Aesoba is enough thick.

And the soup is more thick ! Its surface is covered with fat.

The soup had soup stock of bonito, so, I felt it have refreshing tastes at first, but it was greasy all the same. Of course, the extract of duck was enough.

As aesoba, as tsukemen, I enjoyed two ways of eating. But both was too thick (especially the soup) and the tastes was similar, so, I think either one is enough all the same :p


Name yoshiki (鴨出汁中華蕎麦 麺屋yoshiki)
Open Lunch, Dinner
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