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[Matsumoto] National treasure – Matsumoto castle (松本城)

NAGANO (Suzaka etc)

If you visit Matsumoto for the first time, there’s a MUST place to visit. Matsumoto castle (松本城). National treasure. The site of Matsumoto castle is free to enter. So, people go through the site. Me, too.By the way, her name is Alpu chan:)

But, to enter into the castle is need to pay 700 yen. Inside of the castle is museum. It’s 6-storied castle and I hurried to go up and down. My knee felt numb. And my sole, too. It’s because the floor is so cold like ice. And its slippery.

I wasn’t satisfied with the museum because it didn’t have much exhibits because of repair.

So, if you don’t want to see from the top, you don’t have to go up to 6F. 3F is enough. This is the view from the top. Umm. Not fine view.

I enjoyed enough that there’s Ninomaru ruins, Honmaru ruins, Taiko gate and so on. I think you are satisfied with just walking in the site.

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