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Moved – [Tsukiji Market] Great assorted sashimi bowl at Yonehana (米花)


When I visited Yonehana (米花) in Tsukiji Market for the first time, I ate sashimi bowl and was surprised at the dynamic dish. Two years have passed since then. I hadn’t eaten their sashimi bowl since then because I always have chef’s choice at there. Unless I don’t say anything, chef’s choice is served automatically. But that day, I wanted to eat sashimi bowl after long long absence at any cost. So, as soon as I was seated, I said to the staff, “Sashimi bowl, please”. He looked surprising :p

Sashimi bowl (海鮮丼) 1500 yen

Lean meat of tuna, bonito, ark shell , abalone and giant clam on the rice. Every seafoods were cut thickly. Of course it is in the fish market, those seafoods were very fresh and tasty.

Because I couldn’t take the rice under those seafoods as it is, so I had to move some seafoods to another dish from the bowl. The dish on the right side is for that.

I took my friend to Yonehana the other day. She ordered this sashimi bowl. And she was surprised and she looked happy. If you go to Tsukiji Market and want to eat sashimi bowl, I hightly recommend Yonehana’s.


Name Yonehana (米花)
Open Morning through noon
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

Google Map (Current location in Toyosu Market)


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