Unagi Yonehana (うなぎ米花) in Toyosu Market

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Toyosu Market has started from October 11. Many shops are open inside the market, too.
At first, I visited Yonehana on 3rd floor or Suisan Nakaoroshi Uriba bldg. I visited Yonehana most frequently in Tsukiji.
Yonehana has changed a lot. They have such a Japanese traditional interior ! Phalaenopsis orchid is beautiful too 🙂

See this post to know how to get to Suisan Nakaoroshi Uriba bldg.
It takes about 5 minutes to the building from Shijo-mae station. Yonehana is located at the back of the restaurant area.

Toyosu Market : Restaurants floor of Nakaoroshi Suisan building
Finally Toyosu Market was launched on October 11st. I visited 3F of Suisan Nakaoroshi Uriba bldg at first :)Res...

Menu, Business hour

They can’t serve sashimi bowl now.
They serve
Unajyu (Eel box) 3500 yen
Toridon (Chicken box) 2000 yen
only now. They can’t get fresh seafood now.

They are open from 7 a.m. now. The closing time is mostly 11 a.m. But they sometime close sooner because of running out of ingredients.


Though Yonehana in Tsukiji Market had counter seats only, but they have tables only in Toyosu. They have more chairs than in Tsukiji.
We can see kitchen very well and it’s easy to say hello to cooks.
But Jiro-san (a man for serving) seems to be confused :p

By the way, they have such beautiful Hagoita. Awesome. A friend of the shopkeeper made them.  Hgaoita is used for paying the evil spirits in Japan. And it also means celebration. So, Yonehana in Toyosu Market must be always happy 🙂

Everyone was surprised with their interior having Japanese traditional beauty   contrary to their eccentric interior by Jiro-san in Tsukiji :p

(Moved) Tsukiji Market : Huge daikon radish as entree at Yonehana (米花)
Incredibly huge daikon radish. I had breakfast at Yonehana as usual. There were few vacant seats when I entered the sh...

Chicken box

I chose Chicken box (鳥丼, 2000 yen) for first meal at Yonehana in Toyosu market. Chicken bowl is also last meal I ate at Yonehana in Tsukiji Market, too.
Many shredded laver on the chicken as usual. Chicken bowl has changed a lot.
Mainly chicken balls are on it. And also grilled salted chicken.

Toyosu Market don’t allow to use charcoal-grilling facilities. So, they now have to use stove. They are trouble in grilling chickens.
But their chicken balls (tsukune) are large as usual and I felt those are more juicy with stove than charcoal-grilling in Tsukiji.

Anyway, I hope their sashimi bowl will on the menu soon.
Sashimi bowl was the first food that I ate at Yonehana in Tsukiji.
And many tourist visit there for sashimi bowl.

Gift from a regular customer for celebration. Yonehana is loved by many regular customers as usual 🙂


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