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How to get to Cherry sample tree in Yasukuni Jinja shrine (靖国神社)


When I visited Yasukuni Jinja shrine (靖国神社) to see cherry blossoms for the first time and tried to find sample tree, I couldn’t find it because so many people was there. So, I searched for the tree next season in advance. After that I can get to there smoothly.

Promenade to the worship hall

I’ll show you how to get to there from Kudanshita station.

I went to there from Exit 1 of Kudanshita station along the main promnade. At first, 1st Torii (1st entrance of the shrine) welcome you. Walk the straight along the promnade. And then, 2nd Torii welcome you. And go straight. You can see the worship hall in front of you. But the sample tree is before the hall. You can find Noh stage (能楽堂) on the right. The sample tree is there.

The sample tree is on the right of Noh stage.

Noh stage. And sample tree is here

This is the sample tree. It might be hard to understand because flowers are not in bloom, it’s the sample tree of cherry blossoms in Tokyo. Cherry flowers are bloom in Spring.

Sample tree of cherry blossoms

This sample tree is to watch the bloom of cherry flowers by Tokyo meteorological observatory. When there’re 5-6 flowers in bloom, they say “cherry blowers are in bloom”, and 80% of flowers are in bloom, they say “In full bloom”.

Also Ichigaya station is close to the shrine, but I think it’s worth time to walk along the promenade. So, I recommend you go there from Kudanshita station 🙂

This is an article that I posted before in cherry blossoms season.

You can get gosyuin at there. On the right of the worship hall.

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