Closed – [Tsukiji Market] Summer-limited dry curry at Toyochan (豊ちゃん)

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Toyochan (豊ちゃん) have dry curry limitedly in summer. I love it. So, I went to there at the end of September.

This is the dry curry. You might not know about dry curry. Let me introduce. Basic dry curry is fried minced meat, vegetables and rice with curry and another spice. But Toyochan’s dry curry is differ from normal one. They fry minced meat with curry and spice. And then they put fried meat on the white rice. Then they put chopped boiled egg on it. This is Toyochan’s curry.

Dry curry – small (ドライカレー) 550 yen

It was more spicy than expected because many red peppers chopped into small bits in the curry. I had to see carefully so that I could see the peppers. I like this taste. I’m looking forward to meeting this awesome dry curry next year, too.


Name Toyochan (豊ちゃん)
Open Morning through noon
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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