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[Tokyo] Uwajima taimeshi at Taiki (鯛樹) in Daimon Hamamatsucho


Because I didn’t have anything to do on last Saturday. So, I had lunch at Taiki (鯛樹) in Daimon. They are fancy Japanese cuisine restaurant, and they serve lunch at inexpensive price. And especially, they serve Uwajima Taimeshi on Satudays’ lunchtime only. I wanted to eat it. Uwajima Taimeshi is local foods around Uwajima in Ehime. And another they serve grilled fish, sashimi and so on.

They have counter seats and some tables only. They are cozy restaurant. I ordered Uwajima Taimeshi set. You migh know the food’s name “taimeshi”, but mostly it means red sea bream rice cooked in the pot. But Uwajima taimeshi is differ from normal taimeshi. Uwajima Taimeshi have red sea bream that can be eaten as sashimi, raw egg, soup stock for chazuke and rice.

Uwajima Taimeshi set (宇和島鯛飯定食) 1000 yen

At first, I ate the sashimi as it is. It’s fresh. And good. This red sea bream came from Uwajima city.

And then, I put some slices of red sea bream on the rice with beaten eggs. And I poured soup stock. And I ate it. It’s chazuke.

I like this Uwajima taimeshi very much. I was really happy that I can eat it at the center of Tokyo.


Name Taiki (鯛樹)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available for dinner time only
URL Instagram

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