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Moved – [Shinjuku] Borsch Golubtsy at Sungari (スンガリー)


I wanted to try Russian foods before going to Russia. And I searched for good Russian foods restaurant in Tokyo on Google, and I found Sungari (スンガリー) in Shinjuku is good in location, price and quality. Over 50 years have passed since they have started their business. I went to there 10 minutes before the restaurant’s opening time. But there were already two person waiting.

Strictly speaking, it is Caucasian style dish like Georgia and so forth. So, Sungari also have Georgia wine. But I didn’t drink some wines. I’ll drink at Russia 🙂

This is Saturdays and holiday lunch menu. I ordered this borsch lunch set (1800 yen) this time. There was another lunch course around 2600 yen and it had salmon dish. I didn’t need salmon. Borsch and golubtsy is enough.

But I wasn’t hungry. I thought I can’t eat it up. But the amount of foods were not large. So, I could eat them up with easily 🙂

At first, borsch was served. It was sweet and spicy. beef meats and potatoes at the center of the soup was simmered so soft. It’s almost tomato soup. It’s familiar to me.

Borsch (ボルシチ)

Rye bread. Umm. I don’t like it. It’s dry. I ate Uzbek bread when I was in Uzbekistan. It was also dry. Do they like such dry bread ? Well, certainly, soup soaked into the bread well. So ?

Rye bread (ライ麦パン)

Golubtsy is baked stuffed cabbage. It came still being hot.

Golubtsy (ゴルブッツイ)

I tried to take a picture of section. But I couldn’t take it well. There was no space in the rolled cabbage. The cream sauce that had plenty of butter was used. was so rich and tasty ! I like it.

When I finished eating 2/3 of the golubtsy, salad was served. It’s late… :p

Salad (サラダ)

The lunch set had cake. Sour cream torte with amanatsu. Amanatsu is a kind of citrus. It was not sweet. And it tasted a little sour by amanatsu. It was really good.

Sour cream torte of amanatsu citrus (甘夏のサワークリームトルテ)

And Russian tea was served with three species of jams and sugar. Rose jam at the front, left is berry jam and right is dark cherry jam. The waitress said , “Please taste those jam as they are, or mixing some jams together. “, So I tried. Rose jam was not too sweet, but berry jam was too sweet. But those were flavory.

Russian tea (ロシアンティー)

Because it was too sweet, I drunk up my tea very quickly Well, I think those dishes are differ from genuine Russian cuisine, but I felt relieved that I could try to eat Russian cuisine in Japan before going to Russia.

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