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[Tokyo] Tonkatsu Narikura (とんかつ成蔵) in Minami-Asagaya


A few month have passed since Mr. Seizo Mitani (former manager and chef) left Tonkatsu Narikura located in Takadanobaba. Current Tonkatsu Narikura (とんかつ なりくら / changed from とんかつ成蔵) in Takadanobaba is managed by his pupil. Where is Mr. Mitani now ? Now he run his new own tonkatsu restaurant in Minami-Asagaya area. His current restaurant name is Tonkatsu Narikura (とんかつ成蔵) !

Now he require reservation. Reservation only. You can reserve at omakase. Reservation is available only for seats. He takes our order when we visit there. Yes. You don’t have to wait such a long time now 🙂

Taking reservation is difficult a bit. You’d better access omakase just after starting to accept reservations. His restaurant’s name is as same as before. It is renovated private house.

When I got to there just before the reservation time, there were some people waiting in front of the house. So, I waited there, too. The restaurant’s staff led us inside the house as soon as they prepare our seats.

The interior is similar to former restaurant in Takadanobaba. Wood and white. Clean and tidy. The interval of each seats are wide, so we can enjoy tonkatsu comfortably.

There’s salad dressing, rock salt, olive oil and so forth on the table.

Speaking of Narikura, you know, he use luxury meat like TOKYO-X, Iwachu-buta pork (岩中豚), Yukimuro Jukusei-buta pork (雪室熟成豚) and so on. And he fry those luxury meat deeply at low temperature and make tonkatsu with white coating. So… prices are luxury, too.  Those price is too high as tonkatsu (Tax included). It’s like dinner course. But I say again. Luxury meats. Top quality ! Those are set menu having tonkatsu, rice, tonjiru (miso soup with pork and vegetables) and pickles.

Another menu.

And, they prepare some special of the day. They prepared kushikatsu of Yukimuro Jukusei-buta pork that time.

Drink is bottled beer, highball, wine and so on.

I visited there for eating TOKYO-X, so I confirmed on the menu and ordered. TOKYO-X Special loin tonkatsu set. Rice was Koshihikari from Tanba area of Niigata.

TOKYO-X Special loin tonkatsu set (TOKYO-X の特ロースかつ定食) 4980 yen

This white coating is Narikura-style. (It looks light brown from this photo, it was more white.)

Section of the tonkatsu. Weak pink colored meat. Its coating was fluffy. So, I coughed some times. But TOKYO-X was awesome. Not only the meat but also fatty part was tasty. There’s dressings for cabbage on the table, but bread crumbs having plenty of meat juice became great dressings ! It made shredded cabbage special treat. Even though it was fried deeply and longer at a low temperature, it wasn’t greasy at all.

Rock salt, Worcestershire sauce, mustard,,, everything on the table is suitable for this tonkatsu, but I like eating fatty parts with rock salt and another with mustard best. I love.

To tell the truth I didn’t like tonjiru when in Takadanobaba because it was greasy. But now it’s not greasy because the balance of vegetable and pork was good. It had refreshing tastes. I think it go with tonkatsu better than that was in Takadanobaba.

We can’t enter restaurant at reservation time in sharp and tonkatsu takes much time to cook because it is fried deeply at a low temperature. So, I had to hurry (I always take much time to eat) to eat it up within available time. It’s difficult for me a bit.

But TOKYO-X was delicious. I don’t know another restaurant that cook TOKYO-X as tonkatsu. Narikura is precious.


Name Tonkatsu Narikura (とんかつ成蔵)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Required at Omakase
Credit card Unavailable
URL Twitter

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