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[Tokyo] Takesue Tokyo Premium (竹末東京Premium) in Oshiage


I visited Takesue Tokyo Premium (竹末東京Premium) that is a popular ramen shop in Oshiage close to Tokyo Skytree.

They have counter seats only. They don’t have much seats. We visited there after the lunchtime, but we had to wait for one hour or so. They serve water in Edo Kiriko glass. Beautiful.

They have a variety of ramen, for example, soy sauce, salt, scallop, and limited ramen. I had no idea… so I ordered soy sauce ramen that is my delight. The transparent soup and narrow noodles having flavor of flour. And green onion, onion, green vegetable, and three roast meat.

Soy sauce ramen with ajitama egg (味玉醤油そば) 1000 yen

This roast meats were awesome. Beef, duck and pork. They say the roast meat is changeable day by day and they don’t accept extra roast meat.

My friend ordered this. Chicken and scallop ramen with ajitama egg. This ramen have wide and springy noodles. And the white paste is scallop paste and he mixed it and soup and ate. It had rich tastes. It had strong tastes of chicken and scallop was weak. And it was seasoned strong. So, I couldn’t find the tastes when I ate soy sauce ramen after eating it. It had high impacts.

Chicken and scallop ramen with ajitama egg (味玉鶏ホタテそば) 1150 yen


Name Takesue Tokyo Premium (竹末東京Premium)
Open Lunch, Dinner
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