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[Nagoya] Miso nikomi udon with oysters at Yamamotoya Okute (山本屋大久手店)

AICHI (Nagoya etc)

I was impressed by the awesome miso nikomi udon with oysters at Yamamotoya Honten in JR Nagoya station before. So, when I visited Nagoya last time, I ate it again. But I visited Yamamotoya Okute (山本屋大久手店), not the Yamamotoya Honten. When I got to there, there were so many people waiting, but I reserved in advance, so I could be seated without waiting (Hotpepper).

Speaking of “Yamamotoya” as miso nikomi udon in Nagoya, Yamamotoya Honten and Yamamotoya Sohonke is well-known. Yamamotoya Okute is differ from the both. I heard that those three Yamamotoya was one when they started their business, but they started their own independent shops later. Yamamotoya Okute take 5 minutes walk from Fukiage station.

Menu. Their specialty is miso nikomi udon all the same. And Yamamotoya Okute have curry nikomi udon, too. They have English menu.

Spicy one.

And another foods. Miso oden, dote-ni, kushikatsu, tebasaki, tenmusu and so on. Yes. They have another Nagoya lcoal foods, too !


I ordered bottled beer and 3 miso oden. Daikon radish, taro (satoimo) and konjac. It have much miso sauce. But it’s not too strong and not sweet. And those foods are large. So, it’s good amount. Delicious.

Bottled beer (瓶ビール, 700 yen) and miso oden (味噌おでん3種, 540 yen)

And this ! Miso nikomi udon. It had cover, and the cover is used as dish as well as Yamamotoya Honten. This is Miso nikomi udon with egg and oysters.

Miso nikomi udon with egg and oysters (玉子、牡蠣入味噌煮込みうどん) 1600 yen

It had about 5 oysters. Its appearance is rough compared with what I ate at Yamamotoya Honten. The egg was almost cooked.

The soup was lighter than Yamamotoya Honten’s. But the soup wasn’t too sweet. And it had plenty of extract of dried bonito,konbu seaweed and so on. Of course, oysters, too.

The noodles was firm, but it became softer soon.


Name Yamamotoya Okute (山本屋大久手店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available (Hotpepper)
Credit card Available
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