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[Kanazawa] Local treats at Ozeki (大衆割烹 大関)

ISHIKAWA (Kanazawa etc)

Speaking of Kanazawa local treats, Kanazawa oden and crab occur to me at first. We wanted to eat both, so we had dinner at Ozeki (大衆割烹 大関) near Korinbo. They are so popular among both local people and tourists, we need to reserve in advance without fail. It was around 7 p.m. Almost all seats were occupied.

Their name “Ozeki” is deprived from Japanese sake “Ozeki”. They don’t have another Japanese sake. They have been serving Ozeki since they have started their business. Ozeki is now very popular Japanese sake. It’s inexpensive but tasty.

Ozeki (大関)

We were seated at the counter seats in front of oden ! It smelled good and we decided to eat them last.


We ate Kanazawa local foods mainly. At first, we ordered Chicken’s Jibuni. Boiled chicken meat seasoned with miso and so on. It was rather sweet, but it had light taste and was tasty. It had mild taste. Wasabi went with those foods well.

Chicken’s Jibuni (かしわのじぶ煮) 800 yen

We wanted to eat Kobako crab, but its season already finished. So, we ordered snow crab instead. It was so fresh and sweet. Though we don’t know its price, the lady said to us that it was as same as the price of Kobako crab (around 2500 yen).

Snow crab (ずわいがに) current price

Brown meats. Much brown meat and the white meat was sweet ! Kanazawa have splendid crab all the same ! By the way, Kobako crab is caught from October to December. It was January… It’s late a bit.


Black throat seaperch (Nodoguro) is expensive fish and caught in Japan sea mainly. So fatty fish. Fine bones were crisp.

Grilled black throat seaperch with salt (ノドグロの塩焼き) 2300 yen

Last, we ordered oden. Speaking of oden in Kanazawa, Kani-men is very popular. Kani-men is Kobako crab’s oden. Yes, the season of Kobako crab finished. So, we ordered them. Kurumafu (車麩, 130 yen), kamaboko (かまぼこ, 130 yen), shrimp tempura (えび天, 160 yen), egg (たまご, 120 yen), Shinoda-maki (しのだ巻き, 320 yen), daikon radish (大根, 300 yen) and whelk (梅貝, 500 yen).

Kanazawa-style odens

Kurumafu is this large one like tire. It’s wheat gluten bread. It absorbed in much soup. Delicious. Shinoda-maki is the pink one like naruto. Both is Kanazawa’s local products.


Name Ozeki (大衆割烹 大関)
Open Dinner
Reservation Available
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