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[Kanazawa] Kifune (貴船) in Kazue Chaya district

ISHIKAWA (Kanazawa etc)

Kazue Chaya district is located within 10 minutes walk from Higashi Chaya district. Contrary to Higashi Chaya, Kazue Chaya is calm. Many luxury restaurants are in this district.

Kifune (貴船) where we visited for lunch this time is in this district, too.

I heard they are very popular Japanese traditional foods restaurant and really difficult to reserve, especially at lunchtime because they accept only four groups at one time. And they have inexpensive lunch course, compared to dinner course. We couldn’t reserve at first, but fortunately, there’s cancellation two days before the day.

We asked to the staff about the reservation next lunch and she said to us that they have full reservation until six month ahead. They prepare two lunch courses. 3000 yen and 5000 yen. We ordered 5000 yen course. Each courses have seasonal dishes. It was winter, so we had lots of winter tastes !

After we entered the restaurant, the staff took us to table. All tables are separated like room. At first, tea and dried beans were served. Their course consists of seasonal dishes.

Next, appetizer with face mask. Face mask can’t be eaten. This gold sake cup had non-alcoholic yuzu drink as aperitif. It was sweet.

Appetizer (Sakitsuke, 先附)

Kinpira oinari (inarizushi), whelk, wakasagi (pond smelt) nanban-zuke, foire gras putty, sukeko (cods’ roe) and comquat. It’s beautiful box.

Deep fried Noto globefish coated with kakinotane. They use kakinotane as coating for deep fried foods ! Fantastic ! Its outside was crisp and inside globefish was soft.

Globefish coated with kakinotane (能登ふぐの柿の種揚げ)

Salted entrails of trepang chawanmushi. The entrails added chawanmushi rich tastes.

Salted entrails of trepang chawanmushi (このわたの茶わん蒸し)

Assorted sashimi. Gasu shrimp (gasu ebi), yellowtail (Buri), neon flying squid (Akaika) and marbled rockfish (Kasago). Gasu shrimp is caught in Hokuriku area like Ishikawa and Fukui only. And it can’t be eaten in another region because it lose its freshness soon. So, it’s precious experience !

Assorted sashimi (お造り盛り合わせ)

Yellowtail was eaten with ponzu with monkfish liver. This sauce was awesome.

Noto globefish and its soft roe. Fresh Noto globefish, rape flowers. Winter and early Spring together. White sauce is made of its soft roe. It’s like cream.

Noto globefish and its soft roe (能登ふぐと白子)

Scallop and cauliflower agedashi. It had much crab meat in this soup. It had good smell. Rice was being cooked toward the back while eating it.

Scallop and cauliflower agedashi (帆立とカリフラワーの揚げ出し)

Soft roe gratin. It had lots of shrimps ! It was good. But it was too hot.

Soft roe gratin (白子のグラタン)

Buri daikon. Ordinary buri daikon have yellowtail’s meat. But it have minced yellowtail ball instead. This ball was so soft like marshmallow. Black shichimi and yuzu peel added it more flavor.

Buri daikon (ぶり大根)

Last, Oyster rice, pickled vegetables and miso soup.

Oyster rice. The rice itself was excellent. And there were abundant smell of oyster.

Oyster rice (牡蠣ごはん)

Dessert was it. Yuzu granite and marinated hassaku orange.

Yuzu granite and marinated hassaku orange (ゆずのグラニテ・八朔のマリネ)

We relaxed with coffee after the meal. Everything was delicious and beautiful. We were satisfied.



Name Oryori Kifune (貴船)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Required
Credit card Available

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