[Kanazawa] Michellin-starred Otomesushi (乙女寿司)

ISHIKAWA (Kanazawa etc)
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Otomesushi (乙女寿司) located in Katamachi area is one of the fancy sushi restaurant in Kanazawa. So, we reserved in advance and went to there at dinner time. All popular sushi restaurants in Kanazawa is hard to reserve. So, reservation is essential.

They have dinner course having tsumami (small dishes) and sushi only, so after we were seated, the lady asked to us about our drinks only. So, I ordered Japanese sake. The chef said to us “Is there any food that you prefer not to eat?” We said “No.”

Well, I expected that the course have blackthroat seaperch, gasu shrimp and whelk because those are Kanazawa’s specialty seafood.

At first, Flat fish (Hirame) was served.

Flat fish (Hirame / ヒラメ)

And Botan shrimp (Botan-ebi) having its eggs. It had sticky texture and tasty.

Botan shrimp (Bptan-ebi / ボタンエビ)

Whelk. It was fresh and crisp.

Whelk (梅貝)

Yellowtail. Fatty.


Grilled globefish’s soft roe. It was baked lightly. So, its outside was lightly crisp and inside was creamy.

Grilled globefish’s soft roe (焼きふぐ白子)

Grilled nodoguro with salt (blackthroat seaperch).So fatty. There were much fats between its skin and meat.

Grilled nodoguro with salt (blackthroat seaperch / ノドグロの塩焼き)

Then, sushi time has started. First sushi was Amaebi (Sweet shrimp).
As its name, it was so sweet and had springy texture. Delicious.

Amaebi (Sweet shrimp / 甘エビ)

Yellowtail (Buri) was served again. Fatty part of yellowtail.

Yellowtail (Buri / ブリ)

Aka Ika (Neon flying squid). It had artistic cut ! And its sticky texture was great.

Aka Ika (Neon flying squid / 赤いか)

Crab. Crab’s meat with its brown meat. Probably it’s snow crab.

Crab (かに)

Toro part of tuna. It had tendon and it might no be good-looking, but it was fatty and tasty.

Toro part of tuna (トロ)

Aji (Horse mackerel)

Aji (Horse mackerel / アジ)

Vinegared mackerel. It was vinegared slightly. So, I felt fresh texture.

Vinegared mackerel (シメサバ)

Nodoguro (Blackthroat seaperch). Because it was grilled lightly, plenty of fat appeared.

Nodoguro (Blackthroat seaperch / ノドグロ)

Kohada(Gizzard shad)

Kohada(Gizzard shad / 小肌)

Sea urchin

Sea urchin (うに)

Hirame (Flatfish)

Hirame (Flatfish / ヒラメ)

Anago (Conger eel)

Anago (Conger eel / 穴子)


Tekka-maki (Tuna roll / 鉄火巻き)

Last food of our course was Miso soup with Ebi shinjou. Ebi shinjou is minced shrimp ball.

Miso soup with Ebi shinjou (エビしんじょうのみそ汁)

We asked the chef about another sushi. The chef recommended some and we ordered one of it from his recommendation. We thought we should eat Gasu shrimp all the same 🙂
We can’t eat it at Kanto region like Tokyo. It was not bad. But sweet shrimp was far better.

Gasu shrimp (ガスエビ)
Maguro-dokoro Ichijo
¥5,980 (2024/04/21 11:24時点 | 楽天市場調べ)


Name Otomesushi (乙女寿司)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Required
Credit card Available

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  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    It looks truly amazing. What a feast! You’re so lucky you got a table.

    • Ryoko says:

      I think so, too. I was lucky :p
      Winter is the best season to visit Kanazawa for eating local seafood though it is too cold !

  2. Meimei says:

    Hello.. i am planning to try otome for my upcoming birthday. I tried looking for reservations but the prices from third party reservations are a bit high in my opinion. Can you please tell me how to get reservation? Thank you

    • Ryoko says:

      Hello. They accept reservation only on phone.
      But I think they can’t take reservation in English.

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