Tonkatsu / とんかつ / 日式炸豬扒


[Ginza] Misokatsu at Yabaton (矢場とん)

Misokatsu is one of specialty of Nagoya. Mitokatsu is tonkatsu with red miso sauce. Yabaton have a head shop in Nagoya and we can have real tastes of misokatsu at the center of Ginza.

[Akihabara] Tonkatsu Marugo (とんかつ丸五)

Tonkatsu Marugo (とんかつ丸五) located in Akihabara area have always a long line in front of the shop. So, I always give up h...

[Tokyo] Tonkatsu Narikura (とんかつ成蔵) in Minami-Asagaya

A few month have passed since Mr. Seizo Mitani (former manager and chef) left Tonkatsu Narikura located in Takadanobaba...

[Chiba] Tonkatsu Okura (とんかつ大倉) from Futako-Tamagawa

Great tonkatsu restaurant named Tonkatsu Okura (とんかつ大倉) was moved from all the way from Futako-Tamagawa to Chiba. It's ...

Moved – [Tokyo] Tonkatsu Narikura (とんかつ成蔵) in Takadanobaba

Tonkatsu Narikura (とんかつ成蔵) moved to Minami-Asagaya area. Now they required reservation only on the website. There's a s...

[Osaka] Tonkatsu Manjer (とんかつマンジェ) in Yao

I thought tonkatsu is not popular foods in Osaka because they have kushikatsu that is very popular local food in Osaka....

[Tokyo] Tonkatsu Wako (かつ工房 和幸) in Kachidoki

I took lunch at Tonkatsu Wako (かつ工房 和幸) in Harumi Toriton building. Wako is so popular as chain store of tonkatsu resta...
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