[Tokyo] Hamburger dinner at AS Classics Diner (ASクラシックスダイナー) in Roppongi Hills

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I went to Roppongi Hills after a long long absence. There were as much people as ever. Roppongi Hills have a branch of AS Classics Dinner. They are very popular hamburger restaurant.

It is not a big restaurant. They have only 31 chairs. When we got to the restaurant, there wasn’t any vacant seat. We waited a bit.

My drink was root beer. It’s my longing drink of my childhood. I loved this vanilla flavored drink. But I felt it have strong chemicals that time, I had never felt when I was a child.

A&W root beer (A&Wルートビア) 525 yen

Grilled chicken salad.The chicken was crisp and juicy. And its dressing was good, too.

Grilled chicken salad (グリルチキンサラダ) 945 yen

I ordered chili cheese hamburger because I wanted to have something spicy one.

Chili cheese hamburger (チリチーズバーガー) 1313 yen

This was not very spicy, and it was just for me that time. Spicy minced meat and juicy hamburger patty went with rich taste of cheese well !


Name AS Classics Diner Roppongi (ASクラシックスダイナー六本木店)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website, Instagram

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