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[Tokyo] Indian curry at Sristi Kachidoki (スリスティ勝どき店) in Kachidoki


I visited an Indian foods restaurant in the building “Kachidoki Sun Square” connected to Kachidoki station. This building was said to be a “ghost town” because there weren’t much people even during lunchtime. But now, there are many people gathering at lunchtime !

The branch of Sristi (スリスティ) was open a few years ago. Their head shop is in Shintomicho area close to Ginza and it is one of the popular Indian foods restaurant. Left door is for subway station. So, we can easily get to Sristi without getting wet even if it is rain. Sristi is open until 4:00 p.m. at lunchtime. Many of restaurants are open until 2:00 p.m. only. So, it’s helpful.

But when I got to there around 2 p.m., there was no guest in the restaurant. And they prepared for nighttime. But of course, they welcomed me. Almost all people seems to be Indian people. They can’t speak Japanese well. The menu have photos, Japanese words and English words. So, it’s not difficult to order.

I ordered Ladies’ set (レディースセット / 950 yen). Ladies set have two curries, small naan, rice, chicken, salad, drink and dessert (yogurt) Oh, men ! Don’t worry. There’s men’s curry set (メンズカレーセット, 1000 yen) too ! Men’s curry set have two curries, naan, rice, salad, drink and dessert. But first of all, everyone can order both 😉

Salad was not fresh. But the dressing was good. It’s spicy a bit.


And drink. Drink can be chosen from lassie, hot chai, iced chai, hot coffee, iced coffee and oolong tea. I chose lassie 🙂


And another foods were served on the dish. Dessert was yogurt. The naan is huge. Well. The menu says it is “small” naan…

Curries could be chosen from chicken curry, mutton curry, vegetable curry, seafood curry and today’s curry. I chose today’s curry and mutton curry. “Today’s curry” was eggplant and pumpkin curry. I ordered spicy one. But I should ordered mild one for feeling the natural sweetness of the vegetables.

Mutton curry. Large chunk of mutton ! It was tasty. I think it is good place to have lunch late 🙂


Name Sristi Kachidoki (スリスティ 勝どき店)
Open Day through night
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available for dinner time only
URL Website, Twitter

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