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[Tsukiji] Dinner at Yakiniku Kokokara R (焼肉ここからR)


New yakiniku restaurant was open in Tsukiji area last December. The restaurant’s name is Yakiniku Kokokara R (焼肉ここからR).

“R” have double means. They serve rare (=precious) meat and want their guests to eat them with rare (= near raw)

The restaurant is so small. The location is former small cafe named “Kissa Bon”. I couldn’t believe yakiniku restaurant is open in such a narrow house. The shop curtain says “Our room is small” 🙂 It’s not good for groups having many people. Largest table have four seats (But the table is too small for four people) We were five that time. We used two tables between the aisle.

This is menu of drinks. They have beer, hoppy, sour, fruits liquor, shochu, wine and non-alcoholic drinks.

Anyway, I ordered a draft beer.

Draft beer (生ビール) 580 yen

This is the food menu. The red circle is their recommendation.

Food menu

Also they have blackboard menu. The staff recommended “Today’s assorted meat (本日の盛り合わせ)” on this blackboard menu because we are large group. Each assorted meat can be choosen from small (200g), medium (400g) and large(600g).

Anyway, Kimchi is MUST when we eat yakiniku. Assorted kimchi have Chinese cabbage, radish and cucumber.

Assorted kimchi (キムチ盛) 680 yen

Wagyu skirt sashimi is, as you see, so fresh. It was served with yolk. At first, we ate the meat without yolk, and then ate with yolk. Both was excellent !

Wagyu skirt sashimi (和牛ハラミ刺し) 1280 yen

Today’s assorted meat. Both is 400 g. 800g in total. Those marbled meats were fatty. The staff recommended us to cook them at rare. We did so. Everything was delicious.

Today’s assorted meat A (本日の盛り合わせA)
Today’s assorted meat B (本日の盛り合わせB)

Of course, those meats can be ordered separately. So, we added meat after finished eating the assorted dishes.

Superior short rib (上カルビ) 1680 yen

This beef tongue occupy top position on the menu. I agree. It was thick, fatty and tasty !

Jyo beeftongue with salt (上タン塩) 1480 yen

It is chunk of Wagyu beef meat that is cooked by staff at the table. Part of meat is changed day by day.

Wagyu red Block R (和牛レッドBlock R) 2980 yen

After it was cooked, the staff brought it to the kitchen to dish up.
Complete. It is like seared meat. Unexpectedly it had light tastes.

After that, they also serve it. Edge of the chunk with yolk. It’s like yokhoe.

They have some beeftongue menu. The most fascinating food on the menu was it. So thick beef tongue with green onion butter. We ordered it, too.

So Thick beef tongue with green onion butter (分厚いタン ネギバター) 1580 yen

Green onion butter is in the bowl on the right. Staff cook it at the table, too. Though it was cut thick, it’s soft.

Hearts and livers. Those were seasoned with spice. It didn’t have bad smell at all. It was thick and tasty. Most foods are suitable for two or three people.

Hearts (ハツ), Liver (レバー) 680 yen each

We ordered Nikumeshi at last. Nikumeshi is meat rice. At first, we couldn’t imagine the food, so we asked the staff. He explained us that it is like baked bibimbap. The rice was seasoned with yakiniku sauce and some meats were in it. It was like junk food, but it was tasty ! The amount was good for us five people.

Nikumeshi (にくめし) 980 yen

Everything was delicious. Though we ate much precious beef meat, the cost wasn’t so high. They have lunch menu until 2 p.m. on weekdays. All lunch set have tail soup. This is good, too. I visit there sometimes at lunchtime by myself.

Lunch menu


Name Yakiniku Kokokara R Tsukiji (焼肉ここからR築地店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available for dinner time only
URL Website

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