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[Tokyo] Lunch course at Daikanyama Sushi Takeuchi (鮨たけうち)


I visited a sushi restaurant named Sushi Takeuchi (鮨たけうち) in Daikanyama. Sushi Sato near this restaurant run this new restaurant. They started their business from July 2017. It takes close 10 minutes walk from Daikanyama station. Mr. Takeuchi who is a chef and manage this restaurant worked in top quality sushi restaurant, for example, Kanesaka, Sushi Saito in Ginza and Sushi Sato.

Their appearance is not outstanding. There’s no shop curtain. It looks like a hiding place. Only the small light having a word “Sushi Takeuchi” is there. When I visited there at first, I passed through in front of the door.

There’re only 8 counter seats in the restaurant. Because they are in expensive area like Daikanyama, the restaurant is small. But thanks to that, we enjoyed the chef making sushi closer. The white-wooden counter table was beautiful. Cozy atmosphere.

They prepare two courses at lunchtime. 4000 yen (only sushi) and 8000 yen (sushi and antipasto). At dinner time, they prepare 18000 yen course only (all tax excluded)
And you can reserve 18000 yen course at lunchtime, too.

They accept reservation by phone only at lunchtime.
But you can reserve on the internet(Pocket concierge or Tabelog for dinner time.

When I reserved for lunch on the phone, at first they asked me “Which course do you want ?” and then asked me of time. And when I visited there, there were only people who reserve 4000 yen course. So, I think they divide guests who reserve 4000 yen or 8000 yen for serving efficiently. So, they don’t accept reservation on the internet.

Because we visited there for the first time, we had 4000 yen course (+tax).
It have small dish, 10 sushi, rolled sushi, soup and dessert.

First small dish was herring spawn on kelp.

Herring spawn on kelp (子持ち昆布)

Umi Budou(Sea caviar). With wakame seaweed. Both was seasoned with ponzu.

Umi budou (Sea caviar / 海ぶどう)

And then sushi time started.
Longtooth grouper. Vinegared rice with red vinegar. The texture was crisp. The sushi is rather small. So, it’s easy to eat for ladies.

Ku-e (Longtooth grouper / クエ)

All different dishes ! It’s good !

Yellowtail. The fat melted on my tongue.

Yellowtail (Buri / 鰤)

Chu-toro (fatty part of tuna). Tuna is caught in Oma (大間).
It wasn’t aged. I felt it’s fresh from the texture.

Chu-toro (中トロ)

Horse mackerel. My delight. Minced chive was put on the horse mackerel. It tasted like garlic. Good.

Horse mackerel (Aji / 鯵)

Lightly grilled blackthroat seaperch. As you see, it had much fat. But it’s not greasy at all. It had light tastes. By the way, blackthroat seaperch is expensive.
I was surprising that they serve it at such a inexpensive course.

Lightly grilled black throat seaperch (ノドグロの炙り)

Whelk. Its crunchy texture was fun. And flavorful.

Whalk (Tsubugai / つぶ貝)

Scallop. The sauce was sweeter. Though I don’t like sweet-seasoned foods, it didn’t have much source, so I felt it’s tasty. And the scallop itself was naturally sweet. It had abundant flavor of shell. Good.

Scallop (Hotate / 帆立)

Sea urchin. Sweet.

Sea urchin (Uni / うに)

Then miso soup was served. Shijimi clam was in it. At the beginning of the lunch, I thought the course isn’t enough for me because the sushi is smaller. But it wasn’t. When I had it, I felt already full.

Miso soup (味噌汁)

While having miso soup, Marinated tuna was served.

Marinated tuna (まぐろの漬け)

Last sushi. Conger eel. The grilled conger eel was so soft.

Conger eel (Anago / 穴子)

Sushi roll with kanpyo. Truthfully speaking, I don’t like kanpyo because it is marinated with sweet sauce. But thanks to lightly sour vinegared rice and pungent flavor of wasabi, I enjoyed it. Their vinegared rice is awesome. I like their vinegared rice.

Sushi roll with kanpyo (kanpyo-maki / かんぴょう巻き)

Dessert. Persimmon and pear.

Persimmon and pear as dessert

I was satisfied with the quality of their sushi and I have to visit there again for having 8000 yen course at lunchtime. Also I want to try GARI-MAKI (rolled sushi with gari) that is their specialty !


Sushi Takeuchi (鮨たけうち)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available (Pocket concierge, Tabelog)
Credit card Available

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