[Tokyo] Japanese sake and seafood at Kanemasu (かねます) in Kachidoki

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I was impressed by Kanemasu (かねます) in Kachidoki last time, so I visited there again after one month.

That day’s menu. That’s all. It’s written in vertically. I was surprised. I could understand those characters ! I couldn’t understand at all last time.


I ordered Japanese sake with normal temperature.

Japanese sake and Oolong tea

Beef stew

Beef stew (Beef nikomi / 牛煮込み) 800 yen

Big slice ! I hadn’t eaten such a “stewed” beef. Usually stewed beef is simmered until beef meats are soft. The texture was still chewy !

Abalone sashimi. Not only its meat but also the innards was awesome !

Abalone sashimi (あわび刺身) 1800 yen

Bristly crab salads. You think crab is outside only.

Bristly crab salads (毛がにサラダ) 1800 yen

But inside is crabs, too. Is that really salads ?? I couldn’t see any other ingredients except crabs meat.

Deep fried minced shrimps

Deep fried minced shrimps (海老しんじょう) 1500 yen

One was dressed with nuts, and another was dressed with very small rice crackers (it is called “arare” in Japanese). Inside was filled with roughly minced shrimps !

Sea urchin rolled by half-roasted beef. It’s MUST to order. Sea urchin and beef. Gorgeous.

Sea urchin rolled by half-roasted beef (生うに牛肉巻き) 2000 yen

Last, we ordered it again. Sushi box. Its name is “sushi”, but rice can’t be seen !

Sushi box (Hakosushi / 箱すし) 1200 yen

The shrimp looked dynamic !

Every dishes were excellent. Kanemasu is awesome ! I want to visit again soon.


Name Kanemasu (かねます)
Open Dinner
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