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[Toyosu Market] Ramen at Neiroya (ねいろ屋)


Edomae Jokamachi was open in 2020. And they are scheduled to finish their business in 2023. Yes, this year. And they have Neiroya (ねいろ屋) that is so popular ramen and kakigori shop in Ogikubo. So, I visited there. The left is food hall, and the right is stores, and there’s a barbecue restaurant at the back of the building.

Neiroya is, of course, in the left house.

If you open at the door of the left house, Oniyanma that is popular udon shop welcome you. And the next is Neiroya.

Edomae Jokamachi is just close to Shijomae station (市場前駅). Very close. I took this photo at the seat of Neiroya 🙂

They have only 10 seats. Each shops can occupy 10 people .

There’s a ticket vending machine at the entrance. They have shoyu ramen (醤油ラーメン), rich sio ramen with red sea bream broth (濃厚鯛塩ラーメン), niboshi ramen with pork back fats (背脂煮干しラーメン) and Setouchi lemon ramen (瀬戸内レモンラーメン). And also they have curry.

Though I haven’t been to Ogikubo head shop, my friends who love Ogikubo head shop says “Nothing has changed between Ogikubo and Toyosu in the tastes and quality”. By the way, they served kakigori at first, but now they don’t serve it because they don’t have enough staffs.

This is special shoyu ramen. I heard their specialty is this shoyu ramen. It had two slices of roast chicken and roast pork each. Both is soft and juicy. And another it have menma (bamboo shoot), green onion, laver and egg.

Special shoyu ramen (特製醤油ラーメン) 1200 yen

It have sharp color of soy sauce, but it wasn’t salty. And it’s sweet a bit. The soup is not too hot. Not lukewarm. So, I could feel the sweetness of soy sauce and the smell of flour. And the flavor of chicken broth was awesome.

The noodles were narrow and soft. It went with the soup well.

This is special rich sio ramen with with red sea bream broth. You know the word “Toripaitan”, and it’s “Taipaitan”. It have rich broth of red sea bream(tai) instead of chicken (tori). And sliced lemon and red onion added refreshing flavor. I removed lemon after a while. Toppings are as same as shoyu ramen.

Rich sio ramen with with red sea bream broth (特製濃厚鯛塩ラーメン) 1250 yen

Noodles are as same as shoyu ramen, too. It’s delicious. I liked the flavor of fish.


Name Neiroya (ねいろ屋)
Open Breakfast, Lunch
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