[Enoshima] Kakigori at Noan (埜庵) in Kugenuma kaigan

Kanagawa & Saitama
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There’s a very popular cafe that serve kakigori having fresh fruits syrup in Kugenuma-Kaigan area. Finally I had a chance to visit there. The shop’s name is Noan (埜庵). They are located just close to Kugenuma-Kaigan station. They looked like beachside clubhouse. Actually, there’s a beach within 15 minutes walk from the house.

They serve kakigori all year around. Though it was still cold this day, “氷” flag was raised proudly. Yes, it was not strange because of under the blue sky and smell of sea.


Menu of kakkigori

Everyone ordered this. W strawberry. It had plenty of strawberry syrup. It’s fresh syrup. It’s sour a bit. And condense milk was served separately. So, sweetness and sourness was mixed. Good. By the way, you might think what is “W” ? You’ll realize everything if you see inside of the kakigori.

W strawberry (Wいちご) 900 yen

This 🙂 It have strawberry jelly inside.

This is caramel milk that my friend ordered. Yes, he ate two kakigori :p We tasted it. I thought it’s so sweet. But actually, it wasn’t.

Caramel milk (キャラメルみるく) 800 yen

The caramel syrup was bitter a bit. And not too sweet. But the shaved ice was seasoned with milk syrup and it was sweet a bit. This combination was really good.

Old kakigori facility. It work by hand and was used in Showa Age. It seemed that it can still work.


Name Noan (埜庵)
Open Day through evening
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Instagram

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