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Closed – [Tokyo ] Dandan noodles at Rashohan (辣椒漢) in Kanda


I’m searching for shops that serve dandan noodles. And I tried Rashohan (辣椒漢) in Kanda this time after work. Ticket vending machine is in front of the entrance.

Not only dandan noodles but also they have some noodles.

I bought a ticket of premium seiso dandan noodles. Seiso means traditional.

Premium seiso dandan noodles (プレミアム正宗担々麺) 1000 yen

Mixed. I also had coriander and boiled egg with sake lees.

Coriander (パクチー, 100 yen) and boiled egg with sake lees (酒粕卵, 100 yen)

The shop serves ordinary “Seiso dandan noodles”, too. Well, what is “premium” ? It is the amount of Sichuan pepper. Premium seiso dandan noodles really bit my tongue.

When I ordered it, the shopkeeper said, “It is so hot. Is that OK ? A person couldn’t eat up it a little while ago.”. But it was an exaggeration.

Certainly it was hot, but it was just for me. I like the degrees of the spice. Well, I got another favorite shop again 🙂


Name Rashohan (担々麺本舗 辣椒漢)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Twitter

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