[Yokohama Chinatown] Mild Chinese foods at Yumisai (優味彩)

Kanagawa & Saitama
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We enjoyed eating at Yokohama Chinatown a whole day. After we got out of Keitokuchin, we went to Yumisai (優味彩) to eat dim sum. The person we took me there hadn’t been there, but his friend recommended the restaurant that serves good dim sum. It have something cute exterior and it doesn’t look like the restaurant at the Chinatown.

Spring rolls. The outside was Crispy, and inside was thick.

Spring rolls (春巻き)

Shaomai was Juicy.

Shao mai (しゅうまい)

This is baked soup dumplings. There were hot soup in the smallish shao long bao.

Baked soup dumpling (焼き小籠包)

Grandmother’s gyoza. I ate one without anything, and I found it’s so mild. I needed something pungent flavor, so I ate it with Chinese red chili oil. Good. As a whole, their foods are so mild.

Grandmother’s gyoza (おばあちゃんの焼き餃子)

We ordered fried bean sprouts, but they didn’t have in stock, and they cook rape flower instead.

Fried rape flower (青菜炒め)

Fried Ipomoea aquantica. I think those two fried vegetables have same seasonings. Garlic, oil, salt and pepper.

Fried Ipomoea acuantica (空心菜炒め)


Name Yumisai (優味彩)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Unknown
URL Twitter

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