[Kamakura] Hydrangea Festival in Meigetsuin temple (明月院)

Kanagawa & Saitama
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Meigetsuin (明月院) is one of the spot to view hydrangea in Kamakura. There’s a word “Meigetsuin Blue”. You’ll understand the meaning after you read this post. We went to there from Tokeiji temple that have many beautiful hydrangea, too.

Meigetsuin is called “Ajisai-dera” (Hydrangea temple) because they have so much hydrangeas.

They have mainly blue hydrangeas. Almost all of their hydrangeas are blue. Those hydrangeas are Japanese hydrangeas named “Hime ajisai” (Hydrangea serrata ssp.yezoensis ‘Shikizakihime’). So people call this world “Meigetsuin Blue (明月院ブルー)”.

I visited there with my mother. She looked happy 🙂

I lost my mother in my sight while taking photos of hydrangeas, and I searched for her for a while, and then I found her in this tearoom. She was already waiting for seats. Oh my ! She always does as she want to do 🙁

We had matcha and a small Japanese confectionery.

Blue hydrangeas could be seen from the tearoom, too.

We relaxed in the tearoom for a while and then, we started to walk for viewing hydrangeas again.

I said almost all hydrangeas in the temple are blue, but only this part of temple have various species of hydrangeas.

Hydrangea serrata ‘kurenai’

Asian beauty

Though I don’t remember its name, I like this purple flowers, too.

Many people waited for taking this photo for a long time. Me, too 🙂 This is so famous and many magazines and TV program use this view. Garden could be seen from the circle-shaped window. This is a season of iris, too.

Beautiful 🙂

Though I wanted to have goshuin, there were long line for that. So, I gave up. Recently Gosyuin is so popular. So if you want to get gosyuin, you need to much time to wait.


Name Meigetsuin temple (明月院)
Open Morning through evening
Admission fee 500 yen

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