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[Tokyo] Miso nikomi udon at Misonikomin (味噌煮込罠) in Hongo-Sanchome


One day cold night, I took a dinner at udon restaurant that serves noodles simmered in miso broth in a pot. We felt like having something warm foods because of severe cold weather. So, we visited Misonikomin (味噌煮込罠) in Hongo-Sanchome to eat miso nikomi udon.

I had shochu with hot water. Otoshi is served automatically if we order something alcoholic drinks. That day’s otoshi was boiled kiriboshi daikon (dried strips of daikon) with soy sauce. This colorless and transparent liquid looks like water. But be careful ! This is strong sake 😛

Menus. Appetizer and udon.

Drinks. Beer, Japanese sake, shochu, umesyu (plum liqour), wine, chuhai and non-alcoholic drinks.

We ordered Doteni. Doteni is pork offal and beef sinew simmered in miso. This is Nagoya’s specialty. I wanted to put the sauce on the rice !

Doteni (どて煮) 600 yen

This is Miso nikomi udon. Miso Nikomi Udon is Nagoya’s specialty, too. The udon is cooked in boiling hot pot with miso and broth. When the udon was served , the soup was bubbling in the pot. I waited a bit for taking the photo.

Miso nikomi udon (味噌煮込みうどん) 800 yen

Of course, I broke the half boiled egg and mix with the soup. The broth have strong color, but its tastes isn’t too strong. So I think I can drink up the soup. But I didn’t because I  worried about over consumption of salt. Though the restaurant also serves italian miso-nikomi udon and kimchi miso-nikomi udon, those tastes are unimaginable. Umm..


Name Misonikomin (味噌煮込罠)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only (Paypay Gourmet)
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website

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