Kanagawa & Saitama

[Kamakura] Hydrangea Festival in Meigetsuin temple (明月院)

Meigetsuin (明月院) is one of the spot to view hydrangea in Kamakura. There's a word "Meigetsuin Blue". You'll understand ...

[Osaka] Shitenno-ji temple (四天王寺)

We went to Shitennoji temple (四天王寺) close to after we ate tonkatsu at Manje. They are said to be one of the ...
TRIP (inside JAPAN)

[Nara] Okadera temple (岡寺) in Autumn

When I walked to Ishibutai Tumulus, I found the sign "Okadera temple" along the road, and I tried to go there. But unex...
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