[Yokohama Chinatown] Porridge dinner at Anki (安記)

Kanagawa & Saitama
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I had dinner at Anki (安記) during my staying in Yokohama Chinatown. Their porridge is so popular. I visited there after long absence. But nothing has changed. When I felt like eating porridge, Anki’s mild porridge occured me at first. They have started their business in 1937. They stand at the back of the main street. And their building is old and the appearance don’t stand out in the chinatown. They have an atomosphere of long history from inside and outside. They are open from 10 a.m., so, it’s good for late breakfast.

The photo was taken on the 1F. There are about 5 tables having four seats each. Also they have upstairs. Yokohama Chinatown is so busy at lunchtime and many restaurants have a long line. Anki, too. But it’s not busy at dinner time. So, I like to visit the chinatown at dinner time.

Menus. Speaking of Anki, porridge is MUST ! But unexpectedly they don’t prepare a variety of porridge.

Though their porridge is so popular, they have many foods on the many.

Noodles, rice except porridge.

Drinks, appetizer, dim sum, soup. Giblets (pork reticulum) and liver is also their specialty. Though I visited there to eat porridge and giblets, I gave up to order giblets because its amount is large. I recommend you visit there with someone and eat both giblets and porridge.

I ate porridge with pork giblets because I couldn’t gave up to eat giblets. They serve sauce with green onion for porridge.

Porridge. The bowl is large and it have plenty of porridge. But I think the amount of rice is not much. So, I could eat it up easily even after eating dim sum and shark fin soup at another shop. Slices of deep fried Chinese breaf was put on the porridge. It was seasoned with salt very lightly. So, the sauce with green onion is useful. If you love strong tastes, you might be dissatisfied with the tastes. In case, ask them to some soy sauce.

Porridge with pork giblets (もつおかゆ) 935 yen

It had pork, reticulum, liver. 3 slices each. Reticulum is good all the same ! Its texture is good !


Though I didn’t eat this time, this is Giblets. This photo was taken several years ago. You might be surprised at the texture. It’s springy and springy !

Giblets (もつ皿) 880 yen


Name Anki (安記)
Open Day through night
Reservation Available for course only
Credit card Unavailable

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