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[Ginza] Matcha kakigori and oshiruko at Matsuzaki Senbei Tearoom (松崎煎餅)


I visited Matsuzaki Senbei (松崎煎餅) after years absence. Matsuzaki Senbei is, as their name, senbei shop. They sell senbei on the 1st floor. And also they run Japanese confectionery cafe on the 2nd floor. There’s an elevator besides the stairs. I wanted to eat their kakigori. So, I went upstairs.

Matsuzaki Senbei started their business in 1804 as senbei shop. They are so popular shop and their kakigori have high popularity, but somehow they don’t have much people whenever I go to there. on weekdays. That day, too. I also know they have so many people on weekends.

Matsuzaki Senbei serve kakigori (shave ice) from start of May to end of September.
Yes. Only two days left. They have such a fancy atmosphere. It was calm and I couldn’t believe it stand along such a noisy street.

As soon as I was seated hot hojicha was served.

This is their summer special ! Matcha azuki kakigori. From its looking and its tastes, the matcha syrup became much stronger than last time. It had much tastes of matcha.

Matcha azuki kakigori (抹茶あずきかき氷, 1080 yen) with ice cream (extra 104 yen)

Kakigori could be ordered with toppings like ice cream, shiratama and condense milk with extra charge (+104 yen each). I ordered shaved ice with shiratama last time. That was awesome, too. But it get tough unless we separate it from ice soon when it is served. I don’t like with condense milk because its sweetness deprived the kakigori of maccha flavor and it was too sweet.

Not only shaved ice but also oshiruko and anmitsu is loved by people.
Cold oshiruko is summer-limitted sweets. It is served from May – September, too. (Warm oshiruko is could be eaten all year around)

And this is cold oshiruko. Oshiruko can be eaten all year around. But cold one is summer-limited one. Oshiruko could be chosen one from two type of red bean paste. Strained red bean paste (koshian) and smashed red bean paste (tsubuan). I chose strained red bean paste. Okaki (senbei) is served with it.

Cold oshiruko (冷やししるこ) 1080 yen

Five shiratama (rice flour dumplings) was in it. Smooth red bean pastes soup was not too cold. So, shiratama didn’t get tough. It had springy texture and was soft. Delicious. I love it.


Name Matsuzaki Senbei Tearoom (松崎煎餅 お茶席)
Open Day through evening
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