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Closed – [Shinjuku] Mademoiselle macaron (マドモワゼル・マカロン) in Shinjuku Lumine


I had something to do at Shinjuku, and after that I wanted to buy some sweet things. So, I sauntered Shinjuku LUMINE. And then I stopped by the macaron shop named Mademoiselle Macaron (マドモワゼル・マカロン). Colorful macarons attracted me. So, I got some. Their macaron cost from 179 yen per 1 piece. I bought more, but I ate almost all before taking this photo 😛

I like macaron on the right named “Weekend of Normandi” best. It have pistachio flavor. When I ate macaron for the first time for years ago, I was disappointed because it was dry, too sweet and not tasty. But Recently many shops cook delicious macarons, so now I like macaron 🙂


Name Medemoiselle Macaron (マドモワゼル・マカロン)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available

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