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[Yokohama Chinatown] Canton roast meat at Kinryou (金陵)

Kanagawa & Saitama

Because Yokohama Chinatown is far from my hometown and it’s hard to go so frequently, it’s precious time. Kinryou (金陵) is Canton foods restaurant and sell Canton-style roast meat. They are so popular. There were so many people waiting for getting their awesome meat. They hang meat at the window. Those smell, those looking…I felt I’m in Hong Kong 🙂

They cut those meat on the 1F. And we can enjoy those meat on the 2F.

Basically, they serve meat. Roast pork, roast duck, roast chicken, pork guts and so on. They serve assorted meat and another, they serve meat bowl.

And, some noodles and another dishes.

And somehow, they prepare Nepali curry menu. But they can’t serve them at anytime. They couldn’t take the order that time. They have another chef ? or They were occasionally busy ? I didn’t know the reason.

And they sell meat by weight per 100g (minimum 400g) . And assorted meat(肉の盛り合わせ) 3300 yen, three assorted meat( 肉の三種盛り ) 2400 yen, two meat bento(二種盛り便當) 1200 yen, assorted pork guts(モツの盛り合わせ) 1400 yen. They accept reservation by phone.

Speaking of Kingyou, meat is their specialty. Of course, they sell those meat separately, but assorted meat dish have a variety of meat little by little (Ah, not little…). And it’s valuable. So, we ordered small portion of assorted meat.

assorted meat (肉の盛り合わせ 小) 3400 yen

Roast pork, grilled pork with its skin, steamed chicken, liver, pork’s stomach and so on. About 8 species of meat was dished up.

The steamed chicken was good. Of course, everything. We were three. I think it’s good for four people 🙂

Those meat was fatty. So, we refreshed our mouth with the strong tea 🙂

Kinryou’s meat was delicious and I intended to buy assorted meat to eat at home, but it’s too much for us 3 person, so I was enough satisfied and gave up buying. But as soon as I was back to home, I missed Kinryou’s awesome meat. I should have bought it all the same.

And we ordered another one. At first, we ordered another food, but they said it took much time. So, we changed our order to this cucumber. Chinese sauce soaked into the smashed cucumber. Delicious. Chinese foods restaurant always serve good cucumber. Kinryou, too.

cucumber (生きゅうり) 600 yen


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