[Tokyo] Udon at Keiya (慶屋) underpass in Yurakucho

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I heard there’s a good shop serving curry udon underpass in Yurakucho Underpass have still such an Showa atmosphere.

Now is 40 years ago ? 🙂

This is the shop. Keiya (慶屋). They are udon and soba shop having L-shaped counter table only. Only 6 seats. It’s like stall. They have tables outside, too. They are not fast food shop. They take time to cook because they don’t precook. There’s a notice about it outside.

Menu. Curry, kamatama, kitsune, wakame, kake, mori, cold kitsune, tempura. We can choose udon or soba. Those are inexpensive, but they make udon at the shop. If you want, they serve rice with free of charge.

Toppings. croquette, minced cutlet, cheese, kakiage, natto and onsen tamago. Also they have boiled egg (50 yen). And there’s a refrigerator for shochu, beer, Japanese sake. Each 400 yen.

I ordered curry udon with rice.

Curry udon (カレーうどん) 600 yen

Curry udon. This thick soup have good soup stock. It was seasoned well. Spicy a bit. It had mild tastes. I needed more spice, so I put some shichimi pepper.

The udon is narrow and round. And soft. I like this udon. It’s like Goto-style udon. It went down so smoothly. I ate udon and rice alternately. But it’s also good to put rice into the soup after eat up udon. It don’t have much udon. So, you’d better have rice.


Name Keiya (慶屋)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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