[Fukuoka] Makino Udon Hakata Bus terminal (牧のうどん 博多バスターミナル)

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As you know, I love udon :p When I decided to go to Fukuoka, I also decided to visit Makino Udon (牧のうどん). Makino Udon is the most popular udon shop in Fukuoka. There’s a branch next to Tempura Hirao close to Fukuoka airport, but I couldn’t eat both tempura and udon. So, I had dinner at the branch in Hakata Bus Terminal.Their head shop is in Itoshima. They have two ticket vending machines at the entrance. They require us to get ticket per one person. They need it to serve udon quickly and moderately.

Speaking of Fukuoka udon, I know it’s so soft. I only know that. But Makino Udon is unique. I haven’t eaten such a udon. Almost all seats are along counter tables. But there are some tables at the back of the shop. They have soba, too. But they say it takes more time than udon.

Kake udon cost 420 yen. And toppings for example, kakiage, maruten, burdock tempura, egg, croquette cost around 100 yen each.

Makino Udon is on the B1F in Hakata Bus Terminal in front of Hakata station. Many shops were already closed at night, but Makino Udon was open !

I ordered burdock tempura udon plus maruten. It took about 2 minutes or so. Quickly. There’s a pot on the left on the tray. I asked the staff about it. She said “It’s soup.When your soup go less, add it to the bowl.” I couldn’t realized at first. Anyway, I started to eat.

Burdock tempura udon (ごぼう天うどん, 520 yen) with maruten (丸天, 100 yen)

Five burdocks.

Noodles. It’s thick, wide and springy. It’s kamaage udon. Not so soft. Umm. The udon absorbed in the soup while taking the photo. Soup gone. I realized what she said.I added soup into the bowl and ate. It had springy texture and elastic. Not simple udon. It’s living things ?

Burdock tempura. It looks like fritters. Its coating was crisp and the burdock is soft. I don’t like the characteristice smell of burdock. But it didn’t have the smell at all. So, it was easy to eat. This transparent soup had plenty of extract of seaweed. It had refreshing tastes. Good.

This is Maruten. Maruten is round-shaped fish cake produced in Fukuoka mainly. And this Maruten absorbed in the soup, too.

It was past 9 p.m., I kept eating, but the amount of my food didn’t decrease. (or increase ?)I felt full and got tired. So I put much green onion. The green onion added it refreshing tastes. So, I managed to eat up. I need to be there with empty stmoach in the daytime next time. There’s agetama and chili pepper on each tables, too 🙂


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