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Temporarily closed – [Tokyo] Vietnamese cuisine bistro Authentic (オーセンティック) in Asakusa


A friend of mine asked me to have dinner with them at Vietnamese cuisine restaurant that いs named Authentic (オーセンティック) in Asakusa last Friday. This was the first time to ea Vietnamese cuisine. And also this was the first time to go to Asakusa Underground Street. Asakusa Underground street have nostalgic atmosphere.

There are about only 10 seats. Only counter table in the restaurant and there’s a plastic table and some chair in front of the restaurant. It looked like street stall. My friend booked “Today’s special course” in advance. 13 dishes came one after another timely.

Summer rolls with homemade peanuts and miso sauce. There were vegetables fully in it. Shrimps, too. Peanuts and miso sauce was not too sweet and it went with summer rolls well.

Summer rolls with homemade peanuts and miso sauce (生春巻き自家製ピーナッツみそだれで)

Spring roll. It had a crisp skin. Vegetables had strong smell.

Spring roll (シェフ特製揚げ春巻き)

Pigs ear and colorful sausage nikogori. Pig’s ear had crunchy texture and good. But pig’s ear is associated with Okinawa cuisine. By the way, nikogori is Japanese foods like jelly.

Pigs ear and colorful sausage nikogori (豚耳の煮こごりカラフルソーセージ)

Coriander and pineapple salad. This was simple:D Pineapple was sweet 🙂

Coriander and pineapple salad (香菜サラダ&パイナップルサラダ)

Goi ga. Steamed chickens and cabbage salad. It was similar to coleslaw. It’s spicy just a bit.

Goi Ga (ゴイ・ガー)

Sakura shrimps and sweet potatos Tempura – Vietnamese-style. It was mild, but also it was spicy and had strong flavor of coriander.

Sakura shrimps and sweet potatos Tempura – Vietnamese-style (桜海老とさつまいもの天ぷらベトナムスタイル)

Canh chua. It’s famous soup from Southern part of Vietnam. It had pineapple in it. It was sweet, but its sweetness was good in terms of the balance with coriander.

Canh chua(チャー・カー)

Fried Chinese kale. It choked me a bit. It was spicy just a little. My throat was irritated by it.
But it was tasty none the less for its irritation.

Fried Chinese Kale (カイラン菜炒め)

Cha ca. At first, noodles were served. It was made of rice.

Cha Ca (チャー・カー)

Ingredients. It have grilled catfish which was marinated in oil soup.

I set ingredients on the noodles. It had much oil, but noodles was light, so it was good. I didn’t know what is catfish. But it was soft and thick. I searched on the internet later and I found that catfish is “Namazu” in Japanese.

Fried Satsuma Kojundori chickens with lemongrass and chili. Chickens had springy texture. I imagined it was spicy because of its name, but I didn’t feel spicy at all.

Fried Satsuma-Kojundori chickens with lemongrass and chili (さつま香潤鶏のレモングラス地理炒め)

Pho bò. Beef pho. Why pho has such a attractive tastes ? But it had little soup left. Probably pho noodles absorbed almost all soup.

Pho bò(フォー・ボー)

Minced meat with lemongrass on the rice. This was really good. It was spicy and sour and smell of lemongrass.

Minced meat with lemongrass on the rice (豚ひき肉のレモングラスそぼろごはん)

Cold mango che. Dessert. The mango was really good and I felt very cool after eating it.

Cold Mango Che (冷たいマンゴーのチェー)

Asakusa underground street is really hot in this season. And the restaurant doesn’t have air-conditioner. Only an electric fan! I felt I’m in real Vietnam !


Name Authentic (オーセンティック)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
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