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[Ginza] Niboshi ramen at Ito (自家製麺 伊藤 銀座店)


I heard Ramen shop Ito (自家製麺 伊藤) in Akabane opened Ginza branch. Ginza is close to my office. So, I’m very glad the new branch ! Their ramen have abundant flavor of sardine (niboshi). I love their ramen.

Ginza branch is close to Higashi Ginza station (metro). It is on B1F of old building. There’s Yellow Spice that is popular soup curry restaurant in the building, too. It is located on the back of the street having Mugi To Olive, Jangara Ramen and so on.

There’re counter seats and some tables. Though Akabane branch was too narrow to walk through behind the back of people sitting along the counter seats, this Ginza branch is large. Maybe it used to be kissaten or cafe or bar.

There’s a ticket vending machine in the shop. Ramen have three levels of amount of noodles. Small (小, 100g), Medium (中, 210g), Large (大,280g). They have four regular ramen.

Chuka soba (中華そば)
with sardine soup (Small 600 yen, Medium 700 yen, Large 800 yen)
Niku soba (肉そば)
with sardine soup and 4 slices of roast pork
(Small 750 yen, Medium 850 yen, Large 950 yen)
Hinai chicken soba (比内鶏そば)
with chicken soup (Small 600 yen, Medium 700 yen, Large 800 yen)
Hinai chicken Niku soba (比内鶏肉そば) 
with chicken soup and 4 slices of roast pork
(Small 750 yen, Medium 850 yen, Large 950 yen).

And another mazesoba (ramen without soup) and tsukesoba (=tsukemen) and so on. Their ramen have no chemical ingredients and not much salts. So, I felt it’s healthy.

This is Niku soba. Their ramen don’t have much soup. Noodles and roast pork could be seen well :p Extra soup is +100 yen. But still I think it’s not much. The noodles are narrow and boiled firmer. If you want, they cook your noodles firmer or softer. Ito’s ramen had much smell and flavor of sardines, but now it isn’t. It had mild flavor of sardines. Sardines are from Kujukuri of Chiba. It’s precious sardines !

Niku soba small (肉そば) 750 yen

Four slices of roast pork. As you see, it have fatty parts. Soft and good. Sardine soup soaked into the meat well.

And I had small Hinai chicken niku soba the other day. Its soup have soup stock of Hinai chicken and sardines. And it have four slices of roast pork. The topping is another, green onion only. Very simple.

Hinai chicken niku soba small (比内鶏肉そば) 750 yen


Name Ito Ginza (自家製麺 伊藤 銀座店)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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