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[Tokyo] Sangenton pork at Katsu(喝) in Kanamachi


We heard that there is a restaurant that serve branded meats tonkatsu near Kanamachi station. The restaurant’s name is Katsu (喝). We wanted to eat Iberico pork tonkatsu !


To our great, great disappointed, they didn’t have iberico pork that day. And another, the restaurant serve some branded pork meats, but almost all branded pork meats wasn’t there. There was only one portion of loin of Sangenton pork tonkatsu. We were disappointed, but we pulled ourseves together and the tonkatsu party started.

Otoshi. Kimchi, pickled cucumber and smoked cheese.


Salads. 16 kinds of vegetable healthy salads. The vegetables weren’t fresh. But the dressing was good 🙂

16 kinds of vegetable healthy salads (16種野菜のヘルシーサラダ) 480 yen

Pickled cucumber. Well, it was served as otoshi at first. But it had refreshing tastes and good at a intervals of tonkatsu.

Pickled cucumber (キュウリ漬) 180 yen

Deep fried eggplants into the boiling soup. It’s oily…

Deep fried eggplants into the boiling soup (ナスの揚げだし) 600 yen

Super spicy century egg. As its name, it’s so spicy. And as you see, it had much chili pepper.

Super spicy century egg (激辛ピータン) 330 yen

Assorted fry. White meat fish, scallop and so on.

Assorted fry (フライ盛り合わせ) 950 yen

And then the chef prepare out tonkatsu. It is for tonkatsu. White soy sauce, grated daikon radish and ginger.

White soy sauce set (白醤油セット) 157 yen

Rice set have rice and red miso soup

Rice set (ごはんセット) 598 yen

We ate about six tonkatsu dishes.
Special loin tonkatsu (特ロースとんかつ, 2180 yen)
Loin of Berkshire pig from USA (アメリカ産黒豚とんかつロイン, 1680 yen)
Loin of Sangento pork tonkatsu (庄内三元豚ロースかつ, 2970 yen)
Special fillet tonkatsu (特ヒレカツ, 2260 yen)

and so on.

But I like Special fillet tonkatsu best. Next, Sangenton pork tonkatsu.

I took all kinds of tonkatsu picture, but every pictures looked same, so I uploaded only this picture.

And section of the tonkatsu. Everything was fatty. But good. I do want to eat Iberiko tonkatsu next time !


Name Katsu (喝)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website

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