Nippori : Kakigori at Himitsudo during cold season (ひみつ堂)

Pumpkin cream caramel kakigori, Himitsu-do (Nippori) Tokyo
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Special kakigori only for limited Christmas season

Happy new year ! and I look forward to your continued good will in this year.
My first post 2014 is about kakigori !

There’s a kakigori shop in Nippori that have long line in front of the shop even in winter.
Truthfully speaking, I thought it’s a crazy act to wait for a long time in such a cold season to eat kakigori 😛
But I heard that if we go to the shop on weekdays just after their opening time, we don’t have to wait. So, I took a day off and went to there.

The shop is out of Yanaka Ginza street.


Entrance of Yanaka-Ginza


When we got to the shop 5 minutes before the opening time, about 6 or 7 people were already there.

Entrance, Himitsu-do (Nippori)


So cute shop 😀

Shop curtain, Himitsu-do (Nippori)


On entering the shop, I was surprised that it was so warm by the air conditioning in the shop. And the waitress gave us disposable hand warmers.

Himitsudo’s kakigori is used only natural ice and natural foods and no additives. So people love their kakigori 🙂

Natural ice and syrup made from natural foods only, Himitsu-do (Nippori)


We ordered two kakigori from the menus.

Menus, Himitsu-do (Nippori)


Good drawings !

And this is the special kakigori only for Christmas season !

Strawberry and condense milk kakigori, Christmas special (X’mas 特製ひみつのいちごみるく) 800 yen

Strawberry and condense milk kakigori, Himitsu-do (Nippori)


Much strawberry syrup was on the side.I don’t know what is Christmas special, but it tasted good.

Pumpkin cream caramel kakigori (パンプキンクリームキャラメル) 900 yen

Pumpkin cream caramel kakigori, Himitsu-do (Nippori)


Bitter caramel syrup over the shredded natural ice and pumpkin cream on it. I had never seen such a kakigori !
Cream on the ice !
And so tasty. Bitterness of the caramel went with sweetness of the pumpkin well.

There are straws on the table, so we drinked up melted ice and syrup left 😀

My friend wasn’t satisfied with only those kakigori, and he ordered it, too 🙁
French toast (フレンチトースト) 500 yen

French toast, Himitsu-do (Nippori)


I tasted it. The bread was so soft, but the syrup was too sweet for me. But the strawberry was good 🙂

Ah, I want to eat the kakigori again soon.
Kakigori in mid winter is no problem. I’ll wait for the kakigori even in mid winter 😉

About Himitsu-do (ひみつ堂)

Address / 3-11-18 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Station / Nippori station (JR, Keisei Main line)
Open / 11:00 – 18:00 (In summer until 20:00, and sometimes they change the end-time)
Closed / Mondays, (only in Winter)Tuesdays
Website / Japanese only)
Twitter / @himitsuno132



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