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[Nagoya] Edible lucky charm kishimen at Miya Kishimen (宮きしめん) in Atsuta Jingu

AICHI (Nagoya etc)

Speaking of Nagoya, I really wanted to visit Miya Kishimen (宮きしめん) for a long time. I thought they are located along the promenade to Atsuta Jingu shrine, but I found they are locate in the site of the shrine. The atmosphere of the shrine is fantastic.

By the way, this is Miya Kishimen. I walked through in front of the shop every time, but I thought it’s the park :p Almost all tables are outside ant the half of tables are under the roof. Birds are coming.

Miya Kishimen is self-service shop. They are like Marugame udon. We order at the counter and get foods, and then pay. If foods need time, we get buzzer. We return our tray to the counter after eating. Miya Kishimen was born in 1923. They have some branches. The head shop is here. Of course, their kishimen have high reputation because of the quality. But more, their udon is edible lucky charm.

This is the menu. They have seasonal menu, too. They are open from 8 a.m. We can have breakfast at there. Kishimen have cold soup and hot soup. If you want eat much, they have set, too. Udon, rice, tonkatsu cost 1200 yen in total.

So, I ate kishimen at there. Finally ! Eating outside is good. Free !

I ordered warm kishimen. Tororo Kishimen. Kishimen is flat udon about 7 – 8 mm in width. And another, grated yam, laver, green onion, green vegetable, shiitake mushroom, kamaboko.

Tororo kishimen (とろろきしめん) 800 yen

It had smooth texture. It’s springy. The amount of udon is not much, so you can eat it up even if you aren’t hungry.

Kamaboko have “宮”. Yes, it’s lucky charm. The soup is not salty. It had refreshing tastes. I could drink it up with easily. The mushroom is good, too.



Name Miya Kishimen (宮きしめん)
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