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[Sendai] Freshly cooked beef tongue bento at Tanya Zenjirou (たんや善治郎) in JR Sendai Station


Speaking of Sendai, beef tongue is MUST ! When I visit Sendai, I eat beef tongue at Tanya Zenjirou (たんや治郎) without fail. I always eat in the restaurant, but I bought bento box this time before leaving. Though their bento can be bought at souvenir shops in Sendai Station, freshly cooked beef tongue is far better all the same ! I had to wait for one hour or so because so many people who was after GLAY live (me, too) gathered.

Bento menu. Those can be gotten without reservation, but some bento need reservation.

I ordered my bento and paid at the restaurant, and went back to there after one hour or so. I bought something at souvenir shops in the station while waiting. Of course, I ate it in Shinkansen to Tokyo. It was still warm. Hand towel, chopsticks and shichimi pepper was prepared together.

I wanted to eat much beef tongue, so I got bento box having 8 slices of beef tongue. 1720 yen. Nothing has changed about the quality between it and in the restaurant. I could bite with easily. It was seasoned with salt. It went with rice very well.

Ah, I’ll get bento box at Zenjirou without fail from next time.


Name Tanya Zenjirou Sendai Station Gyutan Dori branch (たんや善治郎 JR仙台駅牛たん通り店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website

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