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[Hakodate] Carl Raymon House Hakodate Motomachi (カール・レイモン函館元町店)


I searched for something good souvenir in Hakodate, my friend recommended “Carl Raymon”.
I searched for about Carl Raymon, and I thought it’s good and I decided to get some at souvenir shops close to Hakodate station.

But I knew there’s a Carl Raymon House Hakodate Motomachi (カール・レイモン函館元町店) in Hakodate Motomachi area and there’s a museum about Carl Raymon and his instruments and also there’s a eating area inside the shop. So, I decided to go to the shop.

I think it’s troublesome if you visit there only for getting sausage and viewing museum. But they are along Daisanzaka slope next to Hachimanzaka slope that is a so popular slope in Hakodate. There is popular Western houses and churches around there. So, it’s good to drop at Carl Raymon’s house when you visit Western houses and slope.

As soon as you enter the shop, sausage and ham in the refrigerator welcome you. Unexpectedly they don’t have much merchandises.

There’s a eating area on the 1F. We can enjoy sausage and hot dog with beer. I ordered at the order counter and got my foods when the staff called.

Those foods can be eaten in the shop. Sausage, hotdog, hamburger and so on. Also they prepare Onuma Beer suitable for those foods.

Also they have valuable lunch set from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

I ordered Thüringer that was shop’s recommendation. The staff started to grill it after I ordered. So, I enjoyed freshly cooked sausage ! When I bit, much meat juice was in my mouth. The flavor of herb (Marjoram and so on) was good, too. It had refreshing tastes. Thüringer is Motomachi shop-limited.

Thüringer (Thueringen / チューリンガー) 400 yen

Sauerkraut was delicious. It’s included in the price of sausage.

This long sausage (coarsely ground, ロングソーセージ あらびき, 250 yen) was enough juicy and good. But I don’t recommend it with Thüringer. Thüringer was extremely good in that its flavor and it beat the long sausage.

Long sausage (coarsely ground / ロングソーセージ あらびき ) 250 yen

They have local Onuma beer (大沼ビール, Bottled beer) and it cost from 700 yen. This Kölsch (ケルシュ) is 700 yen. They served it with plastic cup. Beer and sausage. Yes. Best friends 🙂

Onuma beer Kölsch (ケルシュ) 700 yen

There’s a exihibition of history of Carl Raymon on the 2F. Stairs to 2F is at the back of the shop. Free admission.

When I went upstairs, Carl Raymon welcomed me. His correct name is Carl Weidl-Raymon. He was born in Austria-Hungary and he kept working for authentic German ham and sausage in Hakodate.

It’s not large. There’re instruments about ham and sausage. And also there’re many things of his private house, for example, piano, dining table and so on.

Ham boiler. It seems still workable.

Mincer by hand !

Raymon was born in former Austria-Hungary and saw dynamic changes inside and outside in his country. His words are valuable. He said “People can live with easygoing if they have abundant foods and comfortable house. Also nations”.

Factory tour looks fun, too. But it takes about 1 hour to go to factory from the center of Hakodate by bus… It’s far a bit.

There’s a former resistence of Carl Raymon next to the shop.It’s 2-storied wooden house. Such a private plain house made me feel Raymon’s existence. Truly he was there. It’s managed by Hakodate Carl Raymon Co. Ltd. Hakodate city designated Important Cultural Property. We can’t see inside. Outside only.


Name Carl Raymon House Hakodate Motomachi (カール・レイモン函館元町店)
Open Morning through evening
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