[Hakodate] Yakitori bento at Hasegawa Store (ハセガワストア)

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Speaking of local foods in Hakodate, Yakitori bento of Hasegawa Store (ハセガワストア) is very popular. Finally, I ate it ! Though I went to Hakodate so frequently, this was the first time to visit Hasegawa Store because I want to eat as much as squid while in Hakodate. I went to Hakodate Ekimae branch close to my hotel.

Hasegawa Store is a convenience store. But Hakodate Ekimae branch don’t have much merchandises. They are bento shop like Hotto Motto.

This is a menu of yakitori that can be got in the shop. They have five flavors of yakitori. Tare (sauce), salt, salted sauce, spicy, and miso. And they have a variety of meat. Pork tongue, heart, liver, leg and breast meat, galbi, head and so on.

Ah, I have to say, “Yakitori” means pork meat at Hasegawa Store :p Not chicken. But they have chicken meat, too. But if you don’t say anything, they prepare pork meat. You have to say “chicken” when you order. Umm. Troublesome :p

There’s a table at the corner in the shop, so I filled out and handed it to the staff at the cashier. And I paid and the staff gave me a buzzer. When they have much orders, it takes about one – two hour or so. Though Hakodate Ekimae branch don’t accept, another branches take a reservation on phone.

I bought small size of yakitori bento and ate it in my room. Yes ! Finally I got this box ! Chopsticks and red ginger was together in the plastic bag.

Yakitori bento (small) やきとり弁当 小 530 yen

It have three skewers of pork meat. This skewer have pork’s leg, breast and green onion. There’s dried laver between skewers and rice. It’s fatty and juicy. I ate it as breakfast, it was just amount for me. I chose spicy flavor, and it’s not so spicy and it’s sweet.

I had good morning.


Name Hasegawa Store (ハセガワストア)
Open Day through evening
Reservation Available except Hakodate ekimae branch
Credit card Available
URL Website / X (Twitter)

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