[Amami Island] Kinsakubaru Primeval Forest (金作原原生林)

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On second day morning, I got up early and checked out for to participate the tour of Kinsakubaru primeval forest (金作原原生林). The car of the tour picked me up in front of my hotel. Kinsakubaru is natural subtropical forest. Around 80% of the island is covered with subtropical woodland. And Kinsakubaru is one of the few places where we can actually get to see natural Mangrove trees.

I heard that Kinsakubaru is hard to go by ourselves because there’s no parking lot and road is so narrow. In addition, map is not accurate. There’re some dead ends because of landslides.
So, I participated in the three-hour tour (in Japanese only).

Sea on our way to Kinsakubaru was beautiful.

It took about 20 minutes from my hotel to Kinsakubaru. Dense forest appeared in my sight.

Sunlight between greens is mysterious.

It looks like kaleidoscope.

There are so many endemic species. Cyathea spinulosa.

Elephant ear

Newt. The tour conductor said to us that this forest keep enough water for animals and trees to live how long they don’t have rain.

Another there’re many birds and animals like Amami rabbit. But we couldn’t meet them.


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