[Amami Island] Cape Ayamaru (あやまる岬)

After I got out of the gelato shop, I got on the bus and went to Cape Ayamaru near the airport.Cape Ayamaru is about a...

[Amami] Hotel Caretta (ホテルカレッタ) in front of beach

By the way, Amami Oshima is island. So... bus is only public transportation there and its closing time is too early . S...

[Amami Island] Canoe at Mangrove park (マングローブパーク)

After I was back from Kinsakubaru primeval forest, I got my baggage at the hotel and got on the bus to Mangrove park. T...

[Amami Island] Kinsakubaru Primeval Forest (金作原原生林)

On second day morning, I got up early and checked out for to participate the tour of Kinsakubaru primeval forest (金作原原生...

[Amami Island] West Court Amami (ウエストコート奄美) in Naze

I stayed in West Court Amami (ウエストコート奄美) during in Amami. They're not large hotel, but it is located at the center of t...
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