[Ginza] 9th Keisuke / Kudaime Keisuke (九代目けいすけ)

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Recently I saw many ramen shops having KEISUKE on their names. KEISUKE was founded in Keisuke Takeda who trained at French foods restaurant and Japanese foods restaurant. Now there many branches not only in Japan but also in Singapore. They are expanding. I visited one of the ramen shop by Keisuke in Ginza area this time. The shop’s name is 9th Keisuke (or Kudaime Keisuke). “Kuedaime” means ninth. This is the ninth branch.

Now I said there are many branches of Keisuke. But every branches don’t serve same tastes. Every branches have their original tastes. This “Kudaime Keisuke” use duck.

There is a menu outside. Now I said there are many branches of Keisuke. But every branches don’t serve same tastes. Every branches have their specialty. 9th Keisuke serve duck ramen. There are two types of duck ramen having duck broth. Kamo soba and Kamo Paitan. Kamo (鴨) means duck in Japanese.

Kamo Soba (鴨そば) is clear soup having duck broth and fat.
Kamo Paitan (鴨白湯) is creamy soup having duck broth. You can imagine toripaitan. Toripaitan have chicken broth. Yes. Kamo Paitan have duck instead.

Prices are higher bacause they use top quality duck for their soup. The most inexpensive ramen having soup is simple Hojun Kamo soba (芳醇 鴨そば, 900 yen). And also they serve ramen without soup named Kamo Aburasoba (一番搾り鴨油そば, 880 yen). Aburasoba is ramen dressed with oily sauce without soup. Duck fat is used instead of oil for their aburasoba. It sounds yummy. It’s the most inexpensive food in the shop.

There’s a ticket vending machine in the shop. There’re some counter seats and tables. It seems not ramen shop. It looks like Japanese fancy restaurant called “割烹 (kappou)”.

I ordered simple Hojun duck soba. Slices of roast duck is on the ramen. Soy sauce-based fatty soup have much extracts of duck. I felt top quality ingredients from its looking, flavor, tastes… Everything 🙂 There’re two slices of roasted duck meat by low temperature heating, bamboo shoot, naruto, spinach on it.

Hojun duck soba (芳醇 鴨そば) 900 yen

It’s not ordinary noodles. This flat noodles have so springy texture. It’s like Korean style cold noodles. The noodles dressed with the soup is good. As you see, the soup have plenty of duck fat. But not greasy at all.

There’s black shichimi pepper, sansho pepper and yuzu shichimi pepper on each tables. Those pepper add refreshing tastes to this ramen.

The roasted duck meat was awesome. I want to add extra roasted duck meat for 300 yen next time. I recommend you do so, too.


Name 9th Keisuke (Kudaime Keisuke / 九代目けいすけ)
Open Day through night
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