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[Matsushima] Oyster grill at Genzou Seafood Grill (げんぞう)


What do you eat at Matsushima ? Of course, oysters ? Oysters at first. So, I went straight to eat oyster from Matsushima Kaigan station. Genzou Seafood Grill (げんぞう). They are in such a simple house.

Genzou have chairs and tables outside. The sea can be seen a bit. And they have roof, so we can avoid some rainfalls and wind. 10 chairs or so. And also they have counter tables without chairs.

This is the menu. They have English and Chinese menus, too. Grilled oysters with its shell is No.1 all the same. 250 yen per one piece. It’s valuable. And another they have kakifurai (deep fried oyster), chowder, and beef tongue. We order and pay at the cashier and get number and wait for a while. They call our number after they prepare our food. Seasonings are in front of the cashier. They require put our dishes into the trash.

So, I ordered grilled oysters. I’m glad that they accept order of oysters from one piece. I ordered two oysters. But as you see, the shell in front of me have two oysters. It’s because those are too small ? I don’t know clear answer. Anyway, I got three oysters :p

Grilled oysters with its shell (かき殻焼き) 250 yen per one piece

Though those are small, its’ juicy and good. I felt I’m enjoying barbecue because the chairs are outside 🙂


Name Genzou Seafood Grill (げんぞう)
Open Daytime
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