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[Hakodate] Pastry Snaffles Cafe (ペイストリースナッフルス カフェ) in Kanemori red brick warehouse


I posted about Catch cake bar of Pastry Snaffles (ペイストリースナッフルス) in Kanemori brick warehouse before. Today, I post about the cafe. The Catch Cake Bar is good, but I wanted to have coffee break and kill time at cafe.

There’s a souvenir shop on the left and the cafe is on the right. They don’t have much tables. So we have to wait on weekends.

Menu. Their system is similar to Starbucks. We order at the cashier, pay money and get foods and drinks. And then we are seated where we want.

Though we can have drink only, they offer valuable set having cake and drink.

I don’t remember the correct name, this chocolate and strawberry shortcake had soft chocolate sponge and strawberry cream. And it had strawberries on it. The sponge had light feeling. It’s good.

Some cakes cost near 500 yen. Also this cost around 500 yen. But it and drink cost me 900 yen in total. The coffee had light tastes. I love their cake all the same. There was a cafe of Snaffles near Hakodate station, but they already closed. So, only this cafe now serve Snaffle’s cake.

I love this seats near the window. The view of harbor is peaceful.


Name Pasty Snaffles Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse (ペイストリースナッフルス金森赤レンガ倉庫店)
Open Daytime (Cafe) until evening (Shop)
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available (Unavailable for catch cake bar)
URL Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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