Tsukiji Market : Untoro don and Singaporean chiken rice (鳥藤 築地場内店)

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The record of my breakfast at Tsukiji last week.

I won’t be able to have breakfast at Tsukiji this month. Tsukiji Market have Bon holidays, most of this week
“Bon” is the Japanese ritual ceremony to welcome the soul of the ancestor from the heaven and to send them off.

August 6th (Mon) Chef’s choice at Yonehana.
I wanted to eat something lighter food and I asked that day’s chef’s choice to the waiter.
But he said, “I don’t know. Well, how about conger eel !? Conger eel !!!”
Umm. I felt it was enough heavy !
So, I answered, “OK… chef’s choice please”
And after a while, the waiter came with my food and said “Today’s chef’s choice is ‘Una-toro-don’ !”

I was never in the mood for eating eel.

And at first, I thought “UNA” is eel and “toro” is part of tuna meat. So I felt that such an combination is eccentric.

But I found that “toro” is not tuna but “Tororo”, grated yum !

Unatorodon, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


Well, certainly eel together tuna is extremely expensive ! Chef’s choice is low price.

And the eel was not too much. (rather small quantity,,,) So, the size was good for me ! And Yonehana’s sauce is not too sweet and rather light.

Eel, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


Still too much amounts of seaweeds as usual.
I was suffering from summer heat, so it was good breakfast.

August 7th (Tue) Singapore-style chicken rice (シンガポール風チキンライス, 950 yen).
at Torito Tsukiji Market branch
I visited Tsukiji two consecutive days. My target was Singapore-style chicken rice that day. Limited summer.

It came with stylish plate.

Brisket, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


This rice didn’t have any taste, though I heard that this was cooked with chicken soup 🙁

Singapore chicken rice, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


Grated ginger, chili sauce and soy sauce seasoned sauce. Chili sauce was too sweet. Soy sauce seasoned sauce was too simple.
But mixing every sauce and grated ginger altogether made perfect sauce.
The brisket was light. It’s good for muggy summer.
A, I forgot to take picture, but the set had very hot chicken soup 🙂

The rice was too much for me. But I managed to eat it up 😉

About Yonehana (米花)

Address / Tsukiji Market Bldg No.8, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukijishijo station (Toei subway)
Open / 5:30 – 13:30
Closed / Market’s holidays

About Torito Tsukiji Market branch(鳥藤 築地場内店)

Address / Tsukiji Market Bldg No.8, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukijisijo station (Toei subway)
Open / 6:00 – 14:00
Closed / Market’s holidays

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